Purchasing Used Dressage Saddles

There is nothing more elegant in the horse world than watching a horse compete in the English riding genre of Dressage. Dressage — quite literally the training and competition of a horse in such a manner as allowing the rider to be in complete control — has been around for hundreds of years and has often been thought of as the royalty of horse competitions from the local level all the way to the Olympic level and everything in between. The horses must behave superbly and maintain their aristocratic attitude throughout a course that is designed to challenge them and their rider to the fullest in endurance, jumping and the overall demeanor of the animal as far as relaxation and calmness is concerned. For those who would like to participate in dressage, the equipment used is very specific and can quite often be very expensive. For many who are just starting out in competition, purchasing used dressage saddles is often the way to go as it can save them a considerable amount of money at the beginning.

Used Dressage Saddles

However, if you are going to purchase used dressage saddles, it is important to make sure that you know what you are looking for and to make sure the fit is proper for both you and your horse. Saddle fitting a horse is serious business in order to prevent soreness and injury to horse and you want to make sure that any saddle you purchase is going to fit properly. The best way to do this is with specific measurements of your horse and where the saddle is supposed to be properly positioned in relation to the horse’s shoulders, gullet and back. BY proper measurement, you can prevent serious injury during competition that could result in an ended career for your equine friend.

Once you know what kind of saddle you are looking for and have the proper measurements in hand, you can then begin your search for used dressage saddles. Some of the more popular choices include Billy Cook, Circle Y, Stubben and Big Horn. You can often locate people who are willing to sell their saddles on the dressage circuit itself, or online by doing a search for what you are specifically looking for.