Patterns of Ticket Design

The six-ticket designs can be used to their best advantage in sports bet the short- field races—eight or fewer horses. These, of course, can represent an investment of $30 to $3000, depending on the value of each ticket. Wagering one of the more expensive 8-to 12- ticket designs would defeat the purpose of playing the exacta in the first place: high payoff for small investment. On the other hand, using a six-ticket design for a longer field (9 to 12 horses) is usually inadequate. Whatever handicapping method you employ, you should use the Wheel only when one horse is a virtual lock and the other horses fall into the broad small-chance category. The key horse is played on the top of all tickets, with the other horses put in the place slot.

Eight- to Twelve-Ticket Sports Designs

The 8-to 12-ticket designs represent an investment of $40 to $&)O, depending on the value of each ticket. These designs have a higher probability of winning, but they are more expensive than the six-ticket designs. And if you win, the profit will be less. Nevertheless, they are highly recommended, particularly if you are wagering cooperatively. They are absolutely necessary for 9-to 12-horse racing.Our co-op betting results showed that a 28% exacta-hit rate was necessary to show any profit after expenses.

Those of you who play, and lose, exactas incessantly may find this win percentage extremely high. In truth, it is not high. My arrangements and other co-op arrangements, which use the wagering strategies mentioned.These surely beat current interest rates on bank savings accounts. It also gives you the thrill of winning those big exacta payoffs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of sports betting:

1. Seven horses (almost the entire field) are covered.

Disadvantages: The Wheel is very inflexible since all tickets depend on a Key Horse victory.
Even if the Key Horse is a virtual lock, the Modified Wheel is usually the better design since it allows for greater flexibility. The Key Horse is placed above four other horses and below two of these texas lottery. The two horses are those which have the best chance of beating the Key Horse.

2. Commonly, two or three horses can be ruled out in any race from win/place consideration. The Modified Wheel design covers the remaining five horses.
In addition, unforeseen circumstances are taken into account. On the average, favorites win 33% of the time, yet they place in another 28% of the races. Remember, anything can happen in a race: a bad break from the gate; a nose-out at the wire; etc.

Disadvantages: The Modified Wheel covers only five horses. It does not adapt well to races in which there aren’t any “stick-out” horses.Use this de when your sports handicapping analysis indicates that two horses have approximately an equal chance of winning. The two Key Horses are placed with each other. The two other horses are placed in the second spot on the ticket.

3. The Bridge adapts well to most races. Very few races indicate the use of a one Key Horse design.

Disadvantages: Only four horses are covered. The Baseball exacta wager is most often used at the track. Three horses are combined, each with the other two, for a total of six tickets.

4. The Baseball design suits the three-partner co-op sports bet arrangement perfectly. Each partner picks one horse. Further, three horses are fully covered. That is, given place and win possibilities.

Disadvantages: Though probably the most common exacta wagering design, the Baseball design is actually one of the least adaptable. Only three horses are covered. The five remaining horses are not taken into account, not even for place possibilities.