Details of a Race Card

Before betting on horse it is important to gather enough information about the horse, so that you can find out the best horse. Race card provides all necessary information of a horse in brief. So it has a vast importance while betting on any horse. Race Card provides the following information:

Information of Horse Racing:

You can get information about the horse racing for any desired day from newspaper. All information regarding the particular horse racing such as location or venue, time and schedule etc can be collected from newspaper. When you go to fill up your betting slip, you will definitely need this information.

Number of Horse:

Horse number is very important. It is provided on the left hand side. See closely at the top left corner to get this number.

Recent Racing Records:

Here you will see a series of numbers. These numbers represent the position of the horse in the recent races. Ones means it stood first in those race, Twos means second. If there are a lot of ones and twos, it means the form of the horse is good.

Horse Name:

The name of the horse is provided on the right side.

Name of the jockey:

The name of the jockey is provided at the right side. Many people prefer the jockey more than the horse. They believe a jockey can win a race with an average horse. Sometimes its true, so people has a fascination to choose the famous jockey. This is sure that famous jockey always race with the best horse.

Color of the Jockey:

Color of the jockey is important to identify your horse at the race easily. The color of the jockey is provided on the right side. The color wearing of the jockey is called ‘silks’. Keep this in note so that you can easily find out your horse at the race.