Get Your Feet Wet With Maiden Horse Races

Should you bet on maiden horse races? If you’re not sure what these races are, they are simply the horses that haven’t won a race just yet. A horse can get their first win in an allowance or stakes race, but this usually doesn’t happen.

You have tiers of maidens that are important — the top is the Maiden Special Weight. These horses aren’t going to stay in the category for very long — they are going to move on to bigger and brighter things. Now, if you have a horse that hasn’t really proved itself yet, you’ll have races called maiden claiming races.

Claiming races are interesting, because every horse has a price tag — absolutely every horse. The person who really wants the horse can submit the request and then they become the new owner. If the horse dies after the race, the old owner gets any money that would come forward.

Maiden Horse Races

You have to step back and really look at the way each and every horse is going to be running. If the horse isn’t quite up to par, you might not want to place your bet. On the other hand, you will know better than anyone else if the horse has exhibited signs that they really are going to be able to handle themselves well. You don’t have to just sit around hoping that everything will line up.

Yes, there are sports picks that definitely cover maiden races. But maidens are something that really depends on how you view each and every horse. We often recommend that newbies try to figure out the horses now and then move up to higher level races. You need to build up some confidence if you’re going to play in the world of horse betting for very long. There are going to be people that don’t agree with your wagers at all. Are you betting for them, or yourself?

You can get your feet wet with maiden horse races and still be able to get things done — like putting extra money into your pocket. Good luck!