Setting goals

Even though horse back riding is enjoyable and should be fun it is really important to realize that when you are having lessons and learning to ride that you need to have goals and be setting progress goals.  A well prepared, good instructor will be interested in your progress, know what level you want to go to and be able to answer this, whereas an instructor who is ill prepared or not that interested will have trouble with this and what your growth is.

horse back riding

Many instructors will take the time to write down your progress and what needs to be worked on and will talk to you about it before and after your lesson.  When you get in the ring you will have an idea on what you will be doing and concentrating on no matter how big or small the goal is.
Every lesson you won’t learn something new you maybe concentrating you have not quite mastered or polishing up on a skill that you have already learnt.

Knowing how you are going, what your progress is and having an interested instructor as a good sounding board makes the whole experience more valuable.