Saddles For The Gaited Horse

There is almost nothing more beautiful than watching an ambling horse in the middle of their gait whether that gait happens to be a running walk, a slow gait, a lateral gait or a rack. Gaited horses — such as Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters and Paso Finos among others — do not move in a two beat hoof pattern as their equine counterparts do, rather they use each leg independently of itself creating a four hoofed gait that is often much smoother for the horse and rider. These horse have long been prized for their ability to produce such gaits and as such, it makes them the perfect horse to compete in endurance competitions and long distance trail rides as they can often travel for extended periods of time when in their gait. If you are riding any of the members in the gaited horse family, it is for this reason that you would want to make sure you are using specialty gaited horse saddles as it is imperative to health of the horse that the proper equipment is used.

Unlike traditional Western saddles, gaited horse saddles are lighter in weight and sit in more proper alignment along the horse’s back and shoulders. It is of vital importance that the fit of gaited horse saddles be properly measured because any bit of discomfort or restriction the horse can feel will more often than not cause the horse to lose their gait which can lead to muscle strain and soreness. Therefore, for the health of your animal, purchasing the proper equipment to ride one of these magnificent animals is imperative.

Fortunately, there are many companies — such as Big Horn, Stubben, Billy Cook and Circle Y, to name only but a few — that also specialize in the manufacturing of high quality, affordable gaited horse saddles. Most people often ride the gaited horse in competitions and having not only is having the proper equipment a must for the health of the horse, but it is also a must for the continuity of the competition itself and the rider is judged not only on how well they ride their horse, but on the equipment as well.