What to Consider When You Involve Yourself in a Horse Racing Action?

A horse racing action is an awaited activity of most racing enthusiasts. This has been an old sport in the United States that people had an obsession to. A lot of Americans find excitement and joy even by just watching horse racing live. For people who had the passion to bet on a horse, they would look into getting their money doubled by picking the best horse. However, if you don’t have money to spend on this sport, the horse racing action will still be interesting while you observe how the horses race with one another.

Just like any other types of gambling, there is no assurance that your bet in a horse racing action will win. People who have been into betting horses are already aware that there are a lot of unexpected things to happen especially if you are not equipped with necessary information that has to do with the horse racing action. It is then necessary to make yourself well-informed when it comes to horse racing. Here are the things that you should consider to know how horse racing works.

1. Know the horse racing systems.

As a bettor, it is important to know what exactly horse racing is. This should be a primary concern apart from choosing the horse that you find the fastest and strongest. You should understand the rules and techniques of the sport. If you don’t understand all of these parts of the horse racing action, you should look for a horse racing magazine or horse racing guide that contains the most recent reviews about competing horses. From this source, you will be able to identify which horse you should bet for and which one you should not.

2. Make a personal survey of the racetrack and the horse.

Apart from getting information from reading materials, you can also see the competing horses yourself. This can be possible when you go to the racetrack before the horse racing action starts. Check if your favorite horse is in good condition. You can observe all the movements of the horses and see if they are highly-spirited as well as able to run a good horse racing action. While you are in the area, you can also check out the racetrack. Analyze the entire scenario. Your perception will tell you an idea of the possible outcome of the game just by looking at the racetrack.

3. Bet just with the money that is an extra to your pocket.

When you bet in a horse racing action, you should consider that you are already gambling and this means that you may lose money from this. There can be some point that you will have the luck on your side but anytime the scenario may change totally. While the horse racing is going on, there are a lot of possibilities to happen and you still have your money.

These considerations can be helpful to you in your betting decision. When you are well-informed and you are ready to take the possible consequences, then you can enjoy the horse racing action.

Horse Racing: The Evolution and History

Horse racing came into life since 4500 B.C. when the Central Asia nomadic people developed this system. Indeed, the Olympics had been the witness of the incorporation of this sport since 638 B.C. During these times, horse races and chariot horse races were mounted. These sports have been adopted by the Romans and they got obsessed by these. For thousands of years, these were enjoyed and popularized by royalties and noble men.

Contemporary racing started when the first English and Arabian horse breeding was made. When the noble knights came back to their home land, this sparred the breeding and produced strong horses with amazing speed. This gave breeders the reason to maximize the possibility of races and place it on tracks. The most powerful breed that breeders came up with that time was the Thoroughbred, which is still popular nowadays in the UK.

Between 1660 and 1685, horse racing has been known during the reign of King Charles II. Racecourses have been produced by the English people during the 16th century. Ascot founder Queen Ann made horse racing the country’s official sport. In her time, match racing led to races that involved different horses on which the spectators wagered.

In the middle of the 1700’s, the English created the Jockey Club as horse racing elite figures initiated it. The Jockey Club drafted complete rules of races and sanctioned racecourses to meet under those rules. In fact, the family lines of racing breeds were traced back by James Weatherby, whose family worked as accountants to Jockey Club members. It was his studies that led to the popular of the General Stud Book to the general public. This authority when it comes to breeds that could be included to horse racing was based on this book. The book says, the breeds that are regarded as Thoroughbreds are those that came from the “foundations sires” line. This line includes the Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian and Byerley Turk.

Horse racing came in the United States in the 17th century at which the first racetrack was held in Long Island, New York. As Americans had found passion in horse racing during that time, the sport was formalized only after the Civil War. In 1890, the sport became a hit as it was already an obsession by many and was industrially developed through gambling. The country developed 314 tracks that were operated regularly. Horse racing had been the second mostly attended spectator sports in the United States after baseball.

As horse racing had not been held by a reliable organization to govern it, it was dominated by some criminal elements. Though, the American Jockey Club was organized by high-ranking stable owners in 1894. The system adopted by this club was the same as the system used in England’s Jockey Club. However, in the early 1900’s, U.S. horse racing was nearly eliminated by antigambling sentiment that nearly banned bookmaking in all states. It was in 1908 when the pari-metuel betting for Kentucky Derby was introduced and signified a turnaround for horse racing.

Horse racing today has been popularized by a lot of countries as well. Each country organized a governing body to regulate their horse racing activities.

Purchasing Used Dressage Saddles

There is nothing more elegant in the horse world than watching a horse compete in the English riding genre of Dressage. Dressage — quite literally the training and competition of a horse in such a manner as allowing the rider to be in complete control — has been around for hundreds of years and has often been thought of as the royalty of horse competitions from the local level all the way to the Olympic level and everything in between. The horses must behave superbly and maintain their aristocratic attitude throughout a course that is designed to challenge them and their rider to the fullest in endurance, jumping and the overall demeanor of the animal as far as relaxation and calmness is concerned. For those who would like to participate in dressage, the equipment used is very specific and can quite often be very expensive. For many who are just starting out in competition, purchasing used dressage saddles is often the way to go as it can save them a considerable amount of money at the beginning.

Used Dressage Saddles

However, if you are going to purchase used dressage saddles, it is important to make sure that you know what you are looking for and to make sure the fit is proper for both you and your horse. Saddle fitting a horse is serious business in order to prevent soreness and injury to horse and you want to make sure that any saddle you purchase is going to fit properly. The best way to do this is with specific measurements of your horse and where the saddle is supposed to be properly positioned in relation to the horse’s shoulders, gullet and back. BY proper measurement, you can prevent serious injury during competition that could result in an ended career for your equine friend.

Once you know what kind of saddle you are looking for and have the proper measurements in hand, you can then begin your search for used dressage saddles. Some of the more popular choices include Billy Cook, Circle Y, Stubben and Big Horn. You can often locate people who are willing to sell their saddles on the dressage circuit itself, or online by doing a search for what you are specifically looking for.

Saddles For The Gaited Horse

There is almost nothing more beautiful than watching an ambling horse in the middle of their gait whether that gait happens to be a running walk, a slow gait, a lateral gait or a rack. Gaited horses — such as Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters and Paso Finos among others — do not move in a two beat hoof pattern as their equine counterparts do, rather they use each leg independently of itself creating a four hoofed gait that is often much smoother for the horse and rider. These horse have long been prized for their ability to produce such gaits and as such, it makes them the perfect horse to compete in endurance competitions and long distance trail rides as they can often travel for extended periods of time when in their gait. If you are riding any of the members in the gaited horse family, it is for this reason that you would want to make sure you are using specialty gaited horse saddles as it is imperative to health of the horse that the proper equipment is used.

Unlike traditional Western saddles, gaited horse saddles are lighter in weight and sit in more proper alignment along the horse’s back and shoulders. It is of vital importance that the fit of gaited horse saddles be properly measured because any bit of discomfort or restriction the horse can feel will more often than not cause the horse to lose their gait which can lead to muscle strain and soreness. Therefore, for the health of your animal, purchasing the proper equipment to ride one of these magnificent animals is imperative.

Fortunately, there are many companies — such as Big Horn, Stubben, Billy Cook and Circle Y, to name only but a few — that also specialize in the manufacturing of high quality, affordable gaited horse saddles. Most people often ride the gaited horse in competitions and having not only is having the proper equipment a must for the health of the horse, but it is also a must for the continuity of the competition itself and the rider is judged not only on how well they ride their horse, but on the equipment as well.

Tack Used In Dressage

Anyone who is in the business of raising, riding and competing horses knows that for any given type of horse category, there is a list of specific tack that must accompany the rider during any and all competitions. If any piece of the equipment is missing, then it is quite possible the rider will lose valuable points in the competition and at times, can even be disqualified from competing. This is because the business of riding and showing horses is serious and for many people it is their life’s passion. Additionally, the best of the best can often find themselves in International competitions that can also lead them to a spot on the United States Olympic team. The most popular horse competition is that of dressage — which is basically the formal and competitive training of a horse to perform in a relaxed state in an arena that is comprised of tests such as movement and various jumps. To this end, there is specific dressage tack that allows for greater and easier movement of the rider and provides the horse with more comfort.

However, because the dressage horse is often shown in minimal tack, you should keep yourself up to date on the current rules that govern dressage tack, otherwise you could find yourself in violation during a competition and that can decrease your standing in the competition considerably. Too, because the sport of dressage is so formal, most all of the dressage tack that you see will be comprised of black leather and must be kept in near perfect condition.

All that being said, the basics of dressage tack include the saddle, of course, which is a lightweight English style saddle that has a long, straight saddle flap, a deep seat and a noticeable knee block. You may use a saddle blanket when competing in dressage and it is often nothing more than a white square, minimalist and distinct. As for the bridle, the rules are quite clear and the most common seen on the competition circuit is a double bridle with both a bradoon and a curb bit that utilizes a smooth curb chain.

Various Types Of Horse Bits

When purchasing equipment for you and your horse, it is incredibly important that you make sure to have the right size, which will ensure a proper fit, and the right kind so that you can more easily control your horse. This is never more important than it is when choosing horse bits. The bit is quite literally the force behind how well you can control your horse. It is a metal piece of equipment that is attached to the bridle and fits in the horses mouth which allows the rider to control the direction and speed of the animal. Because the equestrian world is so specific with regards to everything from racing, to competitions to just regular pleasure riding, there is quite an abundance of bit types and styles to choose from, so much so, that many but the avid horseman can get confused on what is the proper type for their animal — this is especially true when you consider that one bit might work well for one horse but might make a stubborn mule out of another.

To this end, there are general rules of thumb you can follow when determining what kind of horse bits to purchase and use for your horse always keeping in mind that you need the correct bit for your style of equine activity. For instance, if you are in to show horses, you would not want to purchase and use a bit that is designed for the training a horse and conversely, if you have a gaited horse you would not want to use a bit that is designed for the ruggedness of a western horse when they are in a full on gallop. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to find the proper bit for your animal that will fit perfectly in their mouth without causing any kind of discomfort or soreness.

In your search, you will also most likely discover that there are two main types of horse bits, the curb bit, which provides leverage for the rider over the animal, and the snaffle bit, which is a non-leverage, jointed bit. The determining factor on which type of bit you should use, quite often lies in the amount of pressure you need to have over the animal — for instance, the curb bit provides greater pressure when the rider takes the reins as this allows them to more easily control the animal (good for Western riding) and the snaffle bit provides pressure equal to the amount of pressure the rider puts on the reigns. So depending on how you want your horse to behave and how much control you need, this will determine what kind of bit you purchase as well as the material it is made out of so as not to injure the horse’s mouth.

The Search For Specialty Horse Riding Apparel

Anyone who rides horses for fun or for their living — whether it be on a ranch, for show, in dressage, racing or jumping — knows that having the proper horse riding apparel is always a must. Previously, people who required special apparel for riding horses were often limited to being able to find their clothing in local stores or via a catalogue that specialized in equestrian gear. However, since the advent of the Internet, many people who are looking for the proper equestrian apparel need look no further than any one of the many online retail shops that specialize in all things equestrian.

Too, one of the main benefits to doing your shopping online for horse riding apparel is that you can often find websites that offer good, quality clothing at a discount so you are not spending a fortune on the clothes you need to ride for leisure, sport or work. Additionally, it is far easier to find children’s, women’s and men’s clothing online than it is through mail order because you are able to compare various websites with one another and find the perfect size helmet, chaps, footwear and outerwear. As an added benefit to shopping online for quality clothing, you can more easily find formal riding apparel that is in stock and the right color for whatever your particular need is. For example, if you require specific breeches such as jodhpurs for the riding circuit, then you are able to find and compare many of the most popular brands such as Ariat, Arista and Kentucky, to name but a few.

Too, if you are looking for specialty horse riding apparel, it is also much easier to find the different types — such as western or mountain wear — online than it might be in the store, especially if the local stores in the area only carry one type of equestrian apparel as many often do. One thing is for certain, there is no shortage of the available horse riding apparel for those who participate regularly in the sport, it is only a matter of finding the clothing that is most appropriate for what type of riding you primarily do.

Finding Quality Horse Accessories

As any horse owner knows, and can tell you, the joys of owning and riding a horse are really almost too numerous to list. Not only can you experience the freedom an open field gallop can bring as the wind blows through your hair but the companionship and friendship a horse can provide is an unconditional bond of love and trust. Given that many horse owners view their equines as members of the family, they most certainly want the best horse accessories they can get to take care of their beloved hoofed friend. Fortunately, with the advent and widespread use of personal computers and the Internet, finding the tack they need is often a matter of logging in and doing a quick search for whatever it is they are looking for.

By utilizing the Internet to help them find the right equipment, a horse owner not only has the ability to search locally, but nationally as well. This expands their choices of available horse accessories exponentially and quite possibly allows them to find many items they may not have known were available. Many popular searches for new tack often include a new saddle because, as any horse owner can tell you, once you have put hundreds or thousands of hours in to a saddle, it is time to replace a worn one for one that can offer more comfort.

Many other popular horse accessories that horseman find themselves looking for include new blankets, brushes, leads and bridles, saddle bags and often stirrup wraps which are fantastic for those with knee or hip problems to be able to ride more comfortably. However, it is important to keep in mind that you can find a lot of great items when shopping for new accessories so you must make sure you have room in your stable where you can put everything away without crowding your horse and making them a little apprehensive about so many new items. Because the purchase of horse accessories does not just stop with everyday gear, most horse people are often in to one or more specialty horse activities such as racing, show or just plain riding and they will need the appropriate gear for their chosen activity.