Variety in horse racing betting

It may be known as the ‘Sport of Kings’ but horse racing is also the king of sports betting. Horse race betting is so popular that the sport and its accompanying odds simply go hand in hand. However, if you are looking for a flutter, then make sure that you examine the full range of options.

At most reliable online sports books, you can find truly exhaustive coverage of every race taking place at home and quite often abroad too. Make sure that wherever you bet includes easy to find information on the form of your chosen runner and rider.  Many sites will include an A-Z guide to both horses and jockeys. Talking of which, if you are looking to bet on one of the premium meetings of the year, such as Cheltenham or Royal Ascot, then an interesting wager can be found in betting on which jockey or trainer will win the most races throughout the week. They also provide the opportunity to place money on an accumulator. These can be especially lucrative – You pick the winner in a set number of races and if all your choices come home first then you will win a truly impressive sum.

Of course, if you are looking for a long-term horse race betting option, then why not have a flutter on who will win the national hunt or flat racing jockey’s title. You can watch the odds fluctuate as the season progresses. On that note, it is important when placing a horse racing bet that you time your wager correctly. If you think that you’ve spotted a dark horse which is un-fancied at present, it is usually a good idea to take the opportunity and place your bet before their odds begin to change.

If you have still not found the right odds for you after considering all these options, then you can often find a virtual race to bet on too. Utilizing excellent graphics and convincing effects, several sites offer a fantasy race for you to bet on which unfolds before your eyes.

Finding the Right Instructor

Finding the right instructor is essential if a rider wants positive, satisfying, and safe equestrian experiences. The “best” riding instructor may be a very different person for different riders. It is an adult student’s responsibility to choose an instructor that suits her current level of ability and her goals.

Choosing a riding instructor is as personal a decision as choosing your doctor. The first step is clearly defining your objective:

horse riding Instructor

• Are you just beginning to ride and want to learn solid, basic skills you can use for any riding discipline?
• Are you returning to riding after a period of years and want an assessment of your current riding skills?
• Are you riding already but want to change riding disciplines?
• Are you riding already but want to improve your skills or work on specific problems?

Being clear about your riding goals right from the start will not only help you evaluate the suitability of different riding instructors but will also help any instructor understand your expectations. If your goal is to excel in a particular equestrian sport, you will want an instructor with a successful background in that sport, one who knows how to develop and challenge her students so that they can be competitive in the show ring.

If your goal is to ride confidently and safely while enjoying nature from the back of a horse as you head out on trails, you would probably seek out a very different type of instructor.

Setting goals

Even though horse back riding is enjoyable and should be fun it is really important to realize that when you are having lessons and learning to ride that you need to have goals and be setting progress goals.  A well prepared, good instructor will be interested in your progress, know what level you want to go to and be able to answer this, whereas an instructor who is ill prepared or not that interested will have trouble with this and what your growth is.

horse back riding

Many instructors will take the time to write down your progress and what needs to be worked on and will talk to you about it before and after your lesson.  When you get in the ring you will have an idea on what you will be doing and concentrating on no matter how big or small the goal is.
Every lesson you won’t learn something new you maybe concentrating you have not quite mastered or polishing up on a skill that you have already learnt.

Knowing how you are going, what your progress is and having an interested instructor as a good sounding board makes the whole experience more valuable.

Patterns of Ticket Design

The six-ticket designs can be used to their best advantage in sports bet the short- field races—eight or fewer horses. These, of course, can represent an investment of $30 to $3000, depending on the value of each ticket. Wagering one of the more expensive 8-to 12- ticket designs would defeat the purpose of playing the exacta in the first place: high payoff for small investment. On the other hand, using a six-ticket design for a longer field (9 to 12 horses) is usually inadequate. Whatever handicapping method you employ, you should use the Wheel only when one horse is a virtual lock and the other horses fall into the broad small-chance category. The key horse is played on the top of all tickets, with the other horses put in the place slot.

Eight- to Twelve-Ticket Sports Designs

The 8-to 12-ticket designs represent an investment of $40 to $&)O, depending on the value of each ticket. These designs have a higher probability of winning, but they are more expensive than the six-ticket designs. And if you win, the profit will be less. Nevertheless, they are highly recommended, particularly if you are wagering cooperatively. They are absolutely necessary for 9-to 12-horse racing.Our co-op betting results showed that a 28% exacta-hit rate was necessary to show any profit after expenses.

Those of you who play, and lose, exactas incessantly may find this win percentage extremely high. In truth, it is not high. My arrangements and other co-op arrangements, which use the wagering strategies mentioned.These surely beat current interest rates on bank savings accounts. It also gives you the thrill of winning those big exacta payoffs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of sports betting:

1. Seven horses (almost the entire field) are covered.

Disadvantages: The Wheel is very inflexible since all tickets depend on a Key Horse victory.
Even if the Key Horse is a virtual lock, the Modified Wheel is usually the better design since it allows for greater flexibility. The Key Horse is placed above four other horses and below two of these texas lottery. The two horses are those which have the best chance of beating the Key Horse.

2. Commonly, two or three horses can be ruled out in any race from win/place consideration. The Modified Wheel design covers the remaining five horses.
In addition, unforeseen circumstances are taken into account. On the average, favorites win 33% of the time, yet they place in another 28% of the races. Remember, anything can happen in a race: a bad break from the gate; a nose-out at the wire; etc.

Disadvantages: The Modified Wheel covers only five horses. It does not adapt well to races in which there aren’t any “stick-out” horses.Use this de when your sports handicapping analysis indicates that two horses have approximately an equal chance of winning. The two Key Horses are placed with each other. The two other horses are placed in the second spot on the ticket.

3. The Bridge adapts well to most races. Very few races indicate the use of a one Key Horse design.

Disadvantages: Only four horses are covered. The Baseball exacta wager is most often used at the track. Three horses are combined, each with the other two, for a total of six tickets.

4. The Baseball design suits the three-partner co-op sports bet arrangement perfectly. Each partner picks one horse. Further, three horses are fully covered. That is, given place and win possibilities.

Disadvantages: Though probably the most common exacta wagering design, the Baseball design is actually one of the least adaptable. Only three horses are covered. The five remaining horses are not taken into account, not even for place possibilities.

Are You Serious About Horse Racing – Or Are You Just Fooling Yourself

Going to try to figure out everything about casino gambling can be difficult, but it’s something that needs to be done. Keep in mind that we haven’t forgotten about the world of horse racing. it can be easy to think that you’re not going to have to think about something like horse racing too terribly long, but the truth is that there’s a wide variety of opportunities just waiting for you in this arena as well. So if you’re tired of slots, video poker, regular poker, and blackjack, you might want to bet on the races. Yet there’s a difference between the causal players that you see here and there and the very serious players. Want to see what it takes to be a serious horse punter? Here’s what goes into it. Keep in mind that this is a rough overview and there’s plenty of other factors involved.

The first point of a serious horse racing fan is that they really dig into the data. Trying to pick horses based on gut intuition sounds cutesy, since that’s what you see in a lot of television and other forms of media. But that’s fiction stuff. A lot of people do indeed pick horses out of thin air, but those are casual punters that don’t care what they happen to win form the races. Once you start trying to get more and more precise about the market, then you’re going to want to go on the data as well. Just hoping that some horse you picked for no apparent reason is going to win isn’t the best way to get involved. In fact, a lot of people just go off of whatever favorite there is to win, whether or not they really are a horse worth going for. It can be difficult to realize that you have so many choices, but don’t worry — there’s other ways to look at the horse racing world. You will want to get a horse racing form for every single race, so you can really look and see who the best contenders are.

Horse Racing

Handicapping is where the serious horse hunters really shine, because they spend so much time thinking about all of these things. If you aren’t someone that’s going to be making those decisions, you could find yourself a little caught up, a little worried, and more than a little suspicious of how to really get in on the action. You might see forums filled with punters that have consistent wins. These aren’t the gut-bettors at all, I promise you. These are people that really take the time to select their horses carefully. They know the difference between the different classes of horse. In addition, they don’t just settle for the free horse picks that get thrown about at every opportunity. We’re not saying that free horse picks are always bad, but you do need to make sure that you’re looking carefully at why that horse might be a good fit.

Overall, there’s just a different point of view found with people that are truly serious about betting on the races. They don’t take every race so seriously that a loss means the end of the world, of course. They just strive to get better and better over time. You should definitely copy some, if not all of these ideals if you want to rise high in the world of horse racing as well.

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Horse Breeders Can and Do Influence Your Betting Strategy

Thinking about doing the horse racing thing? Congratulations, you’re in good company. The reality is that there are a lot more factors involved in good horse betting than meets the eye. What your horse breeder knows that you don’t could actually keep your horse from being one of the top picks. On the flip side, this can also help make you a lot of money. Don’t believe me? Let’s go into it a little deeper.

If you know that you’re working with a horse that has a good temperament, you can draw some good conclusions about them. You can assume that they’re really going to follow the track true. But if you get a wilder horse, there’s always a chance of them fighting on the track with the other horses or disobeying the jockey. These are both conditions that aren’t a good thing for your horse betting dreams.

What you need to also think about is the horse’s tendency to injury. If they trust one leg more than the others, they may favor it more. This type of “uneven wear” pattern could affect their race performance. You should also be looking at whether or not Bute has been used repeatedly with the horse. While Bute can affect performance, it can also impact the health of the horse as a whole.

Horse Breeders

This is a lot to take in, isn’t it? Just when you think that you have a better footing into horse racing, it has some surprises for you. But I think that horse betting is something that you should learn over time. No, it’s not going to be an easy journey for you. There is always going to be something to learn. But if you focus on the bigger goal, everything else will get into place in its own time. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

If you ever get a chance to go to a horse breeding ranch, you really want to talk to a breeder and see what they’re looking for. Keep in mind that there are also sites that talk about horse breeding for racing, and they are pretty informative. Now, some punters will feel that they really don’t have to ask these types of questions and they certainly don’t have to waste time with thinking about how the horses are bred. But stopping to think about what you’re going to be working with can play off big time in the long run.

This brings us right back to the horse racing form, which is absolutely critical. Just stay tuned — I’ll cover the horse racing form again.

Get Your Feet Wet With Maiden Horse Races

Should you bet on maiden horse races? If you’re not sure what these races are, they are simply the horses that haven’t won a race just yet. A horse can get their first win in an allowance or stakes race, but this usually doesn’t happen.

You have tiers of maidens that are important — the top is the Maiden Special Weight. These horses aren’t going to stay in the category for very long — they are going to move on to bigger and brighter things. Now, if you have a horse that hasn’t really proved itself yet, you’ll have races called maiden claiming races.

Claiming races are interesting, because every horse has a price tag — absolutely every horse. The person who really wants the horse can submit the request and then they become the new owner. If the horse dies after the race, the old owner gets any money that would come forward.

Maiden Horse Races

You have to step back and really look at the way each and every horse is going to be running. If the horse isn’t quite up to par, you might not want to place your bet. On the other hand, you will know better than anyone else if the horse has exhibited signs that they really are going to be able to handle themselves well. You don’t have to just sit around hoping that everything will line up.

Yes, there are sports picks that definitely cover maiden races. But maidens are something that really depends on how you view each and every horse. We often recommend that newbies try to figure out the horses now and then move up to higher level races. You need to build up some confidence if you’re going to play in the world of horse betting for very long. There are going to be people that don’t agree with your wagers at all. Are you betting for them, or yourself?

You can get your feet wet with maiden horse races and still be able to get things done — like putting extra money into your pocket. Good luck!

Understanding Jumping Tack Can Make The Show Come Alive

When it comes to equestrian events, most casual observers can tell that there is a large difference between English and Western shows. While the riding techniques themselves are actually quite similar, the jumping tack is vastly different. This is mainly because the traditional use of horses has been so different on opposite sides of the world. Western riding has its beginnings in the cowboy lifestyle of the wild west, while English dressage comes from the hunting and sport of old aristocrats. Of course, the resulting styling will reflect that vast spread.

Because Western terrain was rough, the jumping tack is also much more heavy duty. A Western saddle is quite substantial, as cowboys needed to be able to sit for long periods of time, travel at high speeds and still remain secure atop his mount. The noticeably larger tree and pommel accommodate roping in the Western discipline. The horse’s bit is also made to accommodate more slack on the reins and often includes flashy embellishments for show.

Jumping Tack

Western riders wear a long chap to protect their legs from brush and that is still seen in modern showmanship. There is also a big difference in the uniform of the rider himself. In Western competitions, the rider’s apparel is designed to draw attention and add to the showmanship of the event. It is much flashier than what you will see in an English horse show.

In English competition, it’s all about clean lines and control. Both the horse and the rider offer a toned down picture of professionalism and mastery. The jumping tack in English riding is composed of a flat saddle that lacks the extra features seen in Western saddles. There are also significant differences in the bridle. The reins are shorter as English riders always use both their hands to guide and control their mount. You will also notice the distinctive nose band seen on the horses in English competitions. The rider’s clothing is also more streamlined. The basic uniform features tight fitting breaches, high boots, a neat shirt with tie, a sharp jacket and, of course, a cap or riding helmet. In English riding, the emphasis in removed from the riding accessories and placed on the skill of the horse and rider.

Whatever the preferred style, there is much to appreciate about horsemanship in general. Learning to control an animal with that much power and ability automatically teaches a rider discipline. To the casual observer, it can be interesting to understand the differences in style and jumping tack. Knowing each piece and what its use is can increase your enjoyment of the show, whether it’s the Western or English discipline. Make sure you have quality horse trailers when taking your horse to all of their shows.

English Stirrups Helped To Advance Civilization

While most people are familiar with the impact that the invention of the wheel had on civilization, many people are less familiar with the impact of the stirrup. The ability to use and control powerful animals like horses and mules marked a turning point in human history and the stirrup was essential to this domestication process. However, while horses were first tamed in about 4500 BC, it wasn’t until around 500 BC that the stirrup was put to common use.

In simple terms, the stirrup attaches to the saddle, providing foot support and control for the rider. The basic composition is generally the same with all styles, including English stirrups. A strap is used to attach the pair of stirrups to the saddle on either side of the horse. English stirrups have a thinner strap than their Western counterparts. To these straps the actual stirrup is attached. This piece of horse tack has several functions.

English Stirrups

First, they provide a foot hold making it easier to mount the horse. Most riders mount on the same side and the leathers can become unevenly stretched. The stirrup straps can be periodically adjusted or the rider can switch sides for more even wear. Riders can also adjust their straps for greater performance. A longer strap will give the rider more control, while shorter straps increase mobility. Once firmly seated, the stirrups also allow the rider to better maneuver their mount. By gently pressing the stirrups into the horse’s side, it is easier to let the mount know what the rider has in mind.

While it is true that the stirrup is a simple tool that effectively pushed civilization well into the future, it is also true that the design isn’t without problems. One of the most common safety issues is having a rider’s foot become stuck in the stirrup itself. This is common with all designs. This can lead to the rider being dragged by the horse and injured. Many English saddles are now made with safety features that allow the leathers to detach if a rider becomes stuck. Also, many regular riders experience damage to their foot by spending long hours in stirrups. To decrease this risk, the stirrup bar can be made wider to provide more support. A good pair or riding boots can also be helpful and the rider can be trained in techniques to diminish foot damage. Despite these concerns, the stirrup remains an important part of civilization and we are still benefiting from the advances that it has allowed through the ages.

A Good English Bridle Facilitates Communication Between Horse And Rider

In horsemanship, there is a long history in both the tack and the technique. A few basic pieces of tack are absolutely necessary for any task that you wish your animal to perform. These include the saddle, stirrups and English bridle. The bridle provides much of the control and communication between the rider and her mount. While different configurations are best suited for different tasks, each bridle follows a basic design.

The basic English bridle is composed of a series of straps that go around the head of the horse. The main strap or headpiece goes around the head, resting behind the ears. The other straps attach to the headpiece. These include the cheekpieces, throatlash, browband, reins and bit. Some bitless bridles also have a noseband that provides the control in place of the bit. Other things can also be attached to the bridle depending on the riding circumstances. These include bit hobbles, blinders and even ornaments.

English Bridle

There are several styles of English bridle and each is suited to a different task. The most common style used in most casual English riding is known as the snaffle bridle. The Pelham bridle is also well known and features a single bit and two reins. There is also the double or Weymouth bridle which has two bits and two sets of reins. This is a more formal rein and is most often seen in dressage competitions and horse shows. Finally, a rider can use a bitless bridle or hackamore. This design eliminates the bit entirely and instead uses a nosestrap to provide the pressure needed to maneuver the animal.

Like many things in the equestrian discipline, the English bridle is custom fitted to the horse that wears it. There is no one size fits all approach as each horse is different in size and shape. The bridle relies on gentle and precise pressure and an ill fitting bridle can make the horse uncomfortable and also lead to a confusion in communication. Fitting the horse’s bridle properly is, therefore, extremely important.

Prices vary among styles and brands of bridles. Most establishments that sell horse tack should either carry or be familiar with the most popular brands. Some of these are Vespucci, Keiffer, Passier and Stubben. It’s a good idea to check competitors to determine the best price for a rider’s particular needs. With the proper bridle, the rider can ensure they are always in tune with their mount, facilitating better communication between the horse and rider.